1. Research conducted and presented at the science fair must have been properly supervised and approved according to the guidelines set forth in the registration form and must be incompliance with all local, state and national laws and regulations.
  2. Each student may submit only one entry.
  3. Please arrive with a tri-fold poster board (no bigger than 36”x 48”) to present your project to the judges. You will have 5 minutes to describe your project followed by 3 minutes of questions and answers. The divisions on the board should be: TITLE, INTRODUCTION, HYPOTHESIS, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, and REFERENCES. Do not place any acknowledgements on the front of the board, but they may be placed on the back.   Do not place your school name on the board. You may put your first name on the board. Any additional visual aid must fit on the table in front of the tri fold poster board.
  4. No electricity will be provided.
  5. No hazardous chemicals, flammable chemicals, threatening objects, or controlled substances may be displayed at the fair.
  6. No microorganisms or live animals may be displayed at the fair.
  7. No pathogenic or potentially pathogenic organisms may be used.
  8. Cell phones may not be used during the judging.
  9. Only those students whose projects have been considered safe and ethical by the BCA Science Challenge committee will be allowed to compete.  Remember only 100 projects will be accepted. You will be notified by email after registration material is received if your project has been approved.  Acceptance is determined by date of receipt of complete and acceptable registration forms.
  10. Do not submit your checks until you have been selected as a participant. After this you will have 7 days to make a payment. Remember only 100 projects will be accepted. No refund can be made once the project has been approved and you have accepted a spot in the fair.
  11. Each participant will receive at least a tee shirt and certificate of participation. Additional prizes will be awarded in each category.
  12. The top 10% of the projects, as determined by the judges, are eligible to apply to the Broadcom Masters.