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Internet Sources 

The MSSEF Student Guide: How To Do A Science Fair Project is now available for download  a PDF. There is also a How To Guide for Students By Students(PowerPoint).

The Society for Science & the Public, organizer of the INTEL International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) – “Resources for Independent Student Research”

The Internet Public Library – Science Fair Project Guide – A resource guide providing a variety of excellent web resources. This site has excellent resources, “A Science Fair Project Resource Guide” which is available at: http://www.ipl.org/youth/projectguide. This site has all kinds of information and links to many other sites and publication listings.

The Science Buddies Website offers a variety of resources including: help with topic selection, how to do a science fair project, ask an expert, as well as additional resources.

The Archimedes Initiative – An effort formed to promote science literacy and increase the number of scientists and engineers in the United States — includes videos.

Dr. Shawn’s Science Fair Projects is an excellent source of science projects, complete science kits, and expert advice. The creator, Shawn Carlson, Ph.D. is the only person ever to win a MacArthur Fellowship for science education. This site has resources for parents, teachers and students, including a science club called Labrats that sends free science lessons to families every two weeks.

The Washington University School of Medicine sponsors a website at: http://www.madsci.org It is an interactive science teaching and community outreach tool. It fields questions in 26 different subjects.

Polymer-Search, the Internet search engine for polymers and plastics, maintains a Top Science Project Ideas page that has proved particularly useful to middle school science teachers.


Project Guides

  • How To Do a Science Fair Project   The MSSEF Student Guide
  • Project Development for the Student Scientist. Nancy Twichell, Falmouth Academy, (508) 457-9696
  • How to Start a Science Fair. Diane Giordano, Norton Middle School, (508) 285-0140
  • How to Fund a Science Fair. Mary Young, North Quincy High School, (781) 834-7102



  • Educational Products Catalog for Science Fair Materials, Display Boards, and Other Materials. Tel 1-800-365-5345.
  • Showboard Catalog. Tel 1-800-323-9189.

These resources were brought to you by Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair. (http://www.massscifair.com/high-school-fair/resources/default.aspx)