Internet Sources 

The Internet Public Library – Science Fair Project Guide – A resource guide providing a variety of excellent web resources. This site has excellent resources, “A Science Fair Project Resource Guide” which is available at: This site has all kinds of information and links to many other sites and publication listings.

The Science Buddies Website offers a variety of resources including: help with topic selection, how to do a science fair project, ask an expert, as well as additional resources.

The Washington University School of Medicine sponsors a website at: It is an interactive science teaching and community outreach tool. It fields questions in 26 different subjects.

Polymer-Search, the Internet search engine for polymers and plastics, maintains a Top Science Project Ideas page that has proved particularly useful to middle school science teachers.


Project Guides

  • How To Do a Science Fair Project   The MSSEF Student Guide
  • Project Development for the Student Scientist. Nancy Twichell, Falmouth Academy, (508) 457-9696
  • How to Start a Science Fair. Diane Giordano, Norton Middle School, (508) 285-0140
  • How to Fund a Science Fair. Mary Young, North Quincy High School, (781) 834-7102



  • Educational Products Catalog for Science Fair Materials, Display Boards, and Other Materials. Tel 1-800-365-5345.
  • Showboard Catalog. Tel 1-800-323-9189.

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