1. Can teams enter the science fair or is it only for individuals?

Individuals may enter or teams of up to three students are welcome to enter. However, if a team project is in the top 10% of our fair, each member of the team must fill out their own indivdual application for Nationals.  Also, each member of a team must register on our site and it is acceptable to have the same description of the project for each member.  Each member of the team must also pay the registration fee which simply covers our costs for the fair (lunch, tee shirt, prizes, Liberty Science Center etc.).

2. Can I change my project after I already registered?

You may edit your project up until a week before the fair. Frequently studnets hope to grow vegetables. Often there is not enough time to bring the project to fruition. If this becomes a concern, please change the project topic by re-registering.

3. What should you know about your project?

The judges are going to ask you questions about your project.  Just remember you are the EXPERT.  You know more about your particluar project than anyone.

4. What do the judges look for?

The judges look for self-confident individuals who can explain the purpose of their experiment and how it will affect the world. They also want to know how you conducted your experiment and what your results suggest. Questions include, “What is your hypothesis?”

 5. Who can participate?

Anyone in grades 6-8 even if you are going to high school in September.

6. How many spots are left in the fair?

Registration has opened again, and we are accepting new participants!