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Science Fair 2012

2014 Winners

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2012 Winners

The following students represent the top 10 projects at our fair.   APS. 1 Krasnovsky,L Minimizing Water Loss in Plants  APS. 7 John, M Getting to the Root of It  ENG.6 Yan, A The Self Regulating Grill  ENG.9 Gerstley, H Increasing the Efficiency of Heliostatic Solar Power Plants  ENV. 4 Choi, A (National Semifinalist) The …

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2013 Winners

The following students represent the top five participants: 1.   Lev Krasnovsky  (8th Grade, River Dell Middle School) Title: Is Hydroponics Worth the Hassle? Description: In the experiment, “Is Hydroponics Worth the Hassle,” hydroponically grown plants as opposed to soil ones were compared. Hydroponics is the method of growing in which plants take up nutrients from …

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